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Last Update on 10 June 2002 (Hong Kong)
A queen of Tennis - Martina Hingis win win win

Animation & My Love Song Part
Hello, fans. sorry for I am very very busy on my work this few days, and cannot finish the animation, I hope I can finish it before June.
now I post a gift to all fans of Maritna. Is my love song, I love this song very much, if you also like, you may download it. :) Yuki::

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3 June + Animation ::NEW
8 June + Special ::NEW
11 June + Postcards
1-2 June + 10 off court photos
29 May + wallpapers
22 May +::news:::
7 May + 1 video
28 Mar+ Anna.K
::Hope the wallpapers can bring all fans more Color in these gray day! Get well soon, Martina::


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