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28 June 2002

MHingis : Hi Everybody!
Jaehoon_Korea : Hi Martina, this is Jaehoon from Korea. It's been reported that you will come back to the tour by playing San Diego stating 29th of July. Is it true, and how is the process of recovering from the ankle injury going?
MHingis : Hi Jaehoo, I haven't set a date yet for my come back. NO time frame. I did see my doctor here and all is doing good but it has only been 5 weeks since my surgery. I don't want to rush anything and jeopardise the rest of the season.

General_Dissaray :

Hello Martina Do you think that it's possible for anyone your size to beat the Williams sisters considering that no one under 5'8" has won a grandslam since you did it in 1999?
MHingis : I haven't checked the size that precisely I don't know which sizes are Henin or Schnyder but they defeated the Williams sisters recently. I don't think size really matters. There are so many aspects in the game.
papalaz : when you cant play in a tournament, like wimbledon and roland garros, do you like watching it on tv or does it upset you too much because you cant be there?
MHingis : I do enjoy watching it. Tennis is part of me and what I am doing. I have a passion for the game so I like watching it on TV and I want also to see how the girls are doing to be ready when I will be back.
Kelly : Hi Martina! Just to start I think you are the greatest player ever! Anyway my question is, in your opinion what is the best match you have ever played?
MHingis Thanks Kelly. It's a dificult question. Maybe there are steps in my career. When I won in Australia 2 years ago against the Williams sisters back to back.
PMaria Is there any new young player on the tour that impressed particularly?
MHingis : From the young players I would say Hantuchova is probably the one. Casanova is doing well too but there is a long way ahead.

jonesofarc :

Thanks for joining with us. What is your favorite shot ?..About me , i really love your backhand down the line .I can't wait to see you play again in US OPEN.
MHingis : Thank you jonesofarc. I definately feel more comfortable with my backhand.
Jantje : What you you think about the other Martina (Navratilova) and her returing at the age of 45? And do you see yourself playing active tennis that long?
MHingis : It's great for her at 46 being in such a great shape it's great for her. I don't think I will see myself still playing at that age.
Sean : Hi Martina.. Will you play mixed doubles in the future grand slams? If so who would you like to pair up with?
MHingis : Right I would rather focus in singles and doubles. If I had to play mixed I would like to play with Roger Federer with whom I played in the Hopman Cup. He is a great partner.
stiles : Hi martina! Do you go online regularly, and do you check out your fan sites?
MHingis : I do go on line almost every day and check my emails. I mostly check the sports sites and I also try to check my fans sites often especially now that I am not playing.
EZ : Martina, your serve is said to be quite weak. Nowadays, a good serve is required to beat the top players. What are you gonna do about this? LUV YA!!!
MHingis : Right now I am trying to get the whole game back not only my serve.
swiss-miss-fan :

Hy Martina!!! If u can change some moment in your career; some match that u lost, what it that be?? Thx. Dean

MHingis : French Open final 1999 and Australian Open this year.
elsik : TENNIS Do you believe there is a major difference playing on centre court rather than any other? Why?
MHingis : The atmosphere makes you play better maybe, it is so great to win in front of so many people supporting you. I think I do play better on centre court.
oreo : if you could play a match against anyone that you haven't played before who would it be and why?
MHingis : It would probably be Martina at her best and I wonder if I would be able to pass her!!
Itchy : Hi Marti, Anna is doing well with Chandra, if you get nack to 100% will you play with Anna again?
MHingis : Yes I am still in contact with Anna and I hope to play with her again. But right now I focus on my come back in singles.
Michelle : Are there any particular players that you like to practice with or talk to?
MHingis : I like practising with the players about my age like Anna, Jennifer, any top players are good practise.
CHAMP_HINGIS : HI CHAMP, you're an example for everybody, your doing good in tennis, off the court as well with the charities, always cool with your fans, how can you stay like having all that fame and responsabilities in your life?
MHingis : I think it's important to have people around you supporting you, you can trust. If you love what you do it makes life easier. I am a social person and I like being with people. Doing charities is a great experience.
RickL : HI martina, you said in the past that you expected Hantuchova and Myskana to be very good players after you hit with them. Are they exceeding what you even expected from them?
MHingis : Well They are doing well. Myskina is now the top russian players. We will see how they do in the future. It's good for the games to have them here.
Kelly : Martina, what is your favourite tournament on the WTA tour?
MHingis : Besides of the Grand Slams, Filderstadt and Zurich. Last question.
Julia :

Hi Martina! I'm your fan from Taiwan. What affect your performance on court the most? (ex. the situation, whether, mood...) Thanks! :))

MHingis : The attitude which you go on court. You can tell when you walk on court how confident you are going to play. A good practise is very important too.
Thanks a lot Martina!
MHingis : Thanks a lot every body for joigning me on line. Hope to see and chat with you soon.

Thanks all fans to ask the question :)

Yuki Holland