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Hi, Fans, thank you to coming to my guest book' page, I will add your email address to my mailing list. ^V^

Thanks for coming to my website,
The idea of this web site is to compile and catalogue information about Martina Hingis which I find on the Internet and in tennis magazines. On this web site you can find articles about Martina.

This is the first website I've made for my favourite tennis player, Martina Hingis. I hope as many people will take part in it as possible! Here is a huge thank you to all of you who have been giving me your support!!! We shall all look forward to a better year for Martina, yeah!

Yuki Holland

My name is Yuki Holland, live in Hong Kong, I am a graphic designer in a advertising Company. I don't know why I like to watch Martina' tennis so much. I just remember that when I watched tennis match on T.V. at the first time, was Martina vs XXX in Aus. Open (because just Round 1, thus I forget the name of another player). I feel Martina is a best player and she's NEVER PRETEND even in the court or other public place. She's smart, skillful and she's always play great point in a lot of important matches, for example (1999U.S.Open vs Venus on Semi-final). So I like to watch her, I don't care she's number 1 or not, I just hope she can play more great tennis, thus I make the wesite to support her!

I have received an increasing number of people mailing me, and the response has made me (as a webmaster and a fan of Martina) VERY HAPPY! However, even busy in my heavy workload on my job, I keep to update this site every week, especially in the part of news and photos. I will try to search more photos in future, and welcome anything that you can provide me with pictures, news articles, etc... Also, if you want to have more photos of high resoultion, just send e-mail to me and mark down the photo no., I will send the high resolution for you as soon so my possible.


This few days, my friends like to ask me a question: " Hey, Holland. Why you still love Martina Hingis, she's not the best tennis player now, nowaday have a lot of players better than her."
Everytime, I mean everytime I hear my friends ask this question, I reply to them immediately: "I like to watch tennis because Martina, she's not a powerful tennis player and she has not good temper as Lindsay, but I love to watch Martina's Tennis, shes's smart, confiderence, skillful, never pretend and she's always play great point in a lot of important matchs. I like to watch her on TV when she win a point and then she say "COME ON" in the court!

I hope all fans of Martina Hingis also will support her even more, it's because I feel the world of people always just like some players who play good. Like Marti, I know in 1997, she had a lot of fans, nowaday she's also have a lot. but it's different, people just like to say (Martina, please, Martina, play better more, Martina, don't let me disappoint again,.....etc...). If you really like a player, not just support her in her great time, in her worst time, you also need to support her even more.
Hope Martina recovery fast!

Support Martina Forever

Webmaster- Yuki Holland

17/10/2001 HEART & SOUL